„JZ James is a German musician and writer who has fully integrated himself into American roots music, this is his second album release, his first was released way back in 2008 so he has had plenty of time to write, develop and structure this album, the fifteen tracks have been self-written covering several different styles ranging from 1930’s Trumpet led jazz to more modern acoustic folk and blues. The supporting musicians cover instruments like banjo, double bass, bongo, violin in addition to the more traditional instruments you would expect from this style of music, JZ James has a commanding brusque vocal style that suits the songs well, lyrically they are excellent, the track Christmas Night In Hanoi is particularly impressive, as is its short acoustic guitar intro that is not unlike Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. The authenticity of the album is remarkable, while I am not an expert of American roots music I am sure this will stand up well to any USA based artist releases, tracks like Pakawau Big Shark Candy Mountain and Tunica Mississippi really conjure up the traditional American sound for me. JZ James is a master of his genre and these fifteen tracks are a superb showcase highlighting his musicianship and song writing skills, a faultless and highly recommended album that has been worth waiting eight years for.“