Out Now!!! JZ JAMES – LET COME LET GO – Hey!Blau Records

Release Date March 3rd, 2023


With LET COME LET GO, singer, songwriter and guitarist JZ JAMES, currently based in Berlin, presents his third album in this millennium. Still rooted in Black American Roots music, JZ JAMES once again expands his stylistic spectrum in the direction of 70s singer-songwriter folk rock.

Echoes of Dylan, Van Morrison or The Band lead into a multi-faceted, long-familiar and yet completely original sound territory.

While the previous album, A GREAT NOTION (2016), could be heard as a kind of musical travel diary, the songs on LET COME LET GO are about the journey through life, about memories and incessant changes, about coming and going. The lyrics breathe the spirit of serenity, contemplation and steadiness, placing themselves in a line of tradition inspired by Far Eastern wisdom, ranging from Kerouac’s Dharma Bums to J.J. Cale’s „Old Man And Me“ to „Dude“ Lebowski. As such, they are also a clear plea for the urgently needed resistance against the ever-expanding commercialisation and acceleration of our lives.

Once again, the production method corresponds to this concept. The material matured over years, was brought to life by the musicians involved in spontaneous live arrangements at the Butterama Recording Center in Berlin-Neukölln. Nothing seems forced, everyone follows the natural flow of the songs, creating an album of amazing musical consistency and atmospheric depth.  

LET COME LET GO is available here:

Big Cartel (CD / Vinyl)

Amazon (Digital Album)

Musicians: JZ James voc, acoustic guitar Freddy Corazzini keys Matthias Itzenplitz mandolin Marco Mingarelli drums, percussion Nick Morrison electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, voc Daniel Nentwig keys Mark Roman Wickham bass Paul Swing trumpet, flh Davis West violin

jz james – let come let go