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JZ JAMES  – „A GREAT NOTION“ – the story of the wonderful Neukölln-connection 

It is this that allows the Berlin borough of Neukölln (for the time being) to remain so unique in the course of it’s current rapid transformation: the concentration of incredibly talented musicians from all over the world in one place – a constant exchange, a give and take, the mixing and weaving of sounds and cultures, the attempt to keep things simple, handmade and honest in the face of precarious financial conditions.   

The creative potential of this exchange is evidenced by the tracks of the new album „A Great Notion“ from guitarist, singer and songwriter JZ James, who for many years has been entrenched in the making and production of American roots music.     

Following the breakup of „THE WHITEST BOY ALIVE,“ the band around „KINGS OF CONVENIENCE“-Singer  Erlend Øye in the spring of 2014, keyboard player DANIEL NENTWIG and drummer SEBASTIAN MASCHAT concentrated their efforts once more on their own projects and on the production work in their own Neukölln-based BUTTERAMA RECORDING CENTER. Shortly thereafter, JZ JAMES, who had transplanted from Hamburg to Neukölln 4 years earlier came through to begin work on a sophomore album to follow his 2008 „Moon Sound Records“ release „WEST MEMPHIS TURNAROUND.“ Sebastian settled in behind the drums, Daniel threw on the tape machine and took a seat at the faders.

They were joined by versatile guitarist NICK MORRISON from Chicago („Charity Children“, „Black Kat & Kittens“, „Tiliboo“, „Kilinba“ a. o.), Jazz virtuoso PAUL SWING from Vienna („Taboo“ a. o.) on trumpet, double bass magician MARK ROMAN from New York City („Lord Mouse & the Kalypso Kats“, „Rudi Protrudi´s Ladykillers“ a. o.),  monster harp man PETE WILDDUCK from Germany´s south west, as well as Canadian violin dervish ROLAND SATTERWHITE („Django Lassi“ a. o.). 

In the creative interaction of these Neukölln-Neighbors, JZ JAMES‘ songs develop a unique, dense and nuanced texture, an oftentimes cinematic atmosphere wherein raw delta blues meets tasty bolero, sentimental folk songs, dixieland feeling and raw appalachian drive intermingle with waltzes à la Waits.  

Even post production remains in the hands of the neighborhood with cover art provided by graphic artist and designer MISMARK aka MARKELA BGIALA from Greece. 

Only mixing and mastering were transferred to Hamburg to LARS OHLENDORF and his ELBSTUDIOS.

”JZ James is definitely the Christoph Waltz of American Roots Music“ – Nick Morrison